Often, WE stand in the way of our own success.
I found what worked for me and now I want to empower you.

Trouble for me began my freshman year of college when I took out extra student loan money to “live on”. That extra money started my uninhibited spending

I would get checks (loans) in the mail for $5,000. I didn't even know that it charged 26% interest.

I bounced a lot of checks, maxed out all of my credit cards and had no money left after simply paying rent and buying gas.  I found help through a credit counseling agency, paid off all my debt – and in the process decided that I wanted to help others with money matters. 



Just because you know what is right vs wrong, doesn’t stop our brains from saying…  "Ooh, you would love life so much more if you bought {a camper}!"
{Insert your weak spot here}
Thousand Dollars
Student Loans
Car loans
Credit Cards

We have paid off over $200,000 in debt since 2012.

(and that does not include the mortgage)

No two situations are the same,
so there can’t be a one-size fits all solution.

Want to know even more?

Fun Facts!

  • I attended 4 colleges
  • I can talk like Donald Duck
  • I'm related to a famous basketball player (#33)
  • Member of Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE)
  • I have a degree in (Business) Finance
  • I am deaf in my right ear
  • I had a cake business

I have debt.

Over the course of many, many years, my husband and I spent like mad.
We both quit our jobs to pursue other passions at the same time, cashing out our 401ks. After getting a great deal on our new home, we were quickly advised that we could take out a home equity loan.
We were so responsible with our credit card (as in – we only made minimum payments monthly), that the bank continually increased our line of credit until it practically matched my annual salary.
It wasn’t until about 2012 that things started to feel tight for us.
I started seeing we were drowning with payments and didn’t quite have enough to cover everything. Even though we never had a true rock bottom moment – we did slowly have shifts in our thinking – and now I can say I’ll never go back.